Living His Legacy

Stepping out into the not so busy Durban CBD on that chilly Tuesday morning, it never dawned on me that I was at the cusp of something new. Yes it did feel different… but not really life changing at that time.
It was only my second day at my new job. Well, let me correct myself, my new path. Because when you’re a journalist, it’s not a job… it’s a passion that drives you.
Instead of being behind the microphone and speaking to the masses on air, I am now lecturing live in front of a class of young enthusiastic, future journalists who share my inquiring mind and unbridled love for this powerful professional. There’s no second takes, so no guesses for which one is more daunting!
Pondering this as I walked further along, I inhaled the cold air, ready to confront this new challenge. At that point, it struck me that this was really a fresh start. I was out of my comfort zone after 15 years. A journalist-cum-lecturer.
Do I have any doubts about my abilities in this new path? Not at all. In retrospect, it’s only a natural career progression for me as I, almost by default, took on the role of mentoring young journalists. Now I get to shape their minds and skills even before they reach industry. It feels like my AHA moment!
And slowly the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together perfectly for me…
It’s International Nelson Mandela Day and so our discussion centres on the value of devoting 67 minutes to serving fellow South Africans AND that burning question
… would Madiba be proud of the ANC today? While engaging with my amazing students, I find my own magical Madiba quote. It’s one I have used so often but never fully understood… “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As the reality of these words sink in, I stand there in awe at the responsibility resting on my shoulders.
While I don’t come anywhere close to the wisdom Nelson Mandela possessed, I know I can use the wisdom I have gained over the years to empower this generation of graduates…I’m inspired to do great things in my own little way as a lecturer. The more I can give off to my students, the more they will be able to give off as journalists when they enter the industry.
And if week one is anything to go by, many of these students are indeed destined to change the world…

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