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I started blogging in 2017 but 2018 is the year that I fell in love with blogging. Truly Madly Deeply. Yes, I confess, I was obsessed with that song by Savage Garden. Wonderful memories of growing up in the 90s.

Ah the joys of blogging! It’s where I get to reminisce, realise and read my own thoughts instead of fearing them. I have shared so much of myself in my blog posts this year that it has been liberating. It has helped me make sense of the world and it has kept me sane amid challenging and sad times. My blog has become my strength and my solace. Writing remains a cathartic experience for me.

And I’m so glad that I get to share this journey with YOU. I have been overwhelmed by the response and appreciation of my writing. I appreciate every reaction, response, share, comment and criticism because it means you have taken the time to engage with my blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In an era where reading isn’t take as seriously as it should be, I love that you choose to read what I write.

Some of my blog posts have been published this year – my piece on human rights and racism in the Daily News and three in the POST newspaper. It’s helped me engage with a larger audience and I’m grateful for these opportunities. There were other doors that I knocked on too, but clearly, they weren’t mean to open.

I migrated my blog to a new site in July and I love the new look and feel thanks to Simone Gobin of I would love to increase my engagement on my new blog so if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do. There is no cost involved. All it means is that you will get an email every time I publish a post. In that way, you don’t miss out. There is still a lot of traffic on my old blog even though I haven’t been posting there. And so, my year in review includes the best reads of both blogs.

Looking back, I realise that it’s been a mixed bag of posts – from serious issues about life in South Africa to my role as a mother, fitness, poetry and travel. Initially, I wondered if the serious issues would be well, taken seriously enough on my blog. I wrote about them because as a journalist I am passionate about many issues and cannot be silent or feign ignorance.

It’s no surprise then that my posts on women and children feature among my top reads for this year. I would be failing myself if I did not write about this. But there are some lighter posts that have worked well too – so I think my mixed bag approach is working.

Read on to find out which were my best reads…I have arranged them into themes for easy reference. I would also love to read your suggestions for blog posts in 2019. Until then, I wish you happy days ahead!

  1. Phoenix is my hometown for the past 10 years and one I have grown so fond of.

My best performing post is one I wrote about life in Phoenix in 2017.

Rise Phoenix, Rise!

And anyone who knows me well enough – even through my blog – knows that one of the major moments in my life in 2018 was watching my dog give birth. Having one of the pups later stolen was a traumatic experience but like the phoenix, we overcame this.

Finding Flash

  1. My posts about my fitness journey were widely read and shared and it’s something I’m taking into 2019 with me – so keep a look out for that!

Not falling into that trap again

  1. It was never easy to write about the crimes against women and children – but this was my activism through writing. These posts are the ones I hold closest to my heart.

I remember…

(Not) from the same cloth?

I fear…

An uncomfortable Christmas

  1. Parenting… Boy was it tough being a parent in 2018 – especially since polony tried to kill us in South Africa. I wrote about this and some unique mummy moments too.

Listeriosis: school lunch box woes

Mummy in the Morning

  1. This year marked 10 years since I visited India as part of the Know India Programme and I loved sharing my memories on my blog

Coloured by India

Coloured by India – Part 2

  1. My husband and I also celebrated a decade of marriage in 2018 – and a family holiday to Mauritius was the perfect celebration.

Holiday Goals

  1. Friendship. I was actually surprised at how well these two posts did – as I was sceptical about writing both. But, friendships are a big part of our lives so I’m glad these posts were appreciated in the context in which they were written. May you enjoy amazing friendships going into 2019 and beyond!



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  1. Omg Veere. And I especially loved the poetry. Moving and so well structured. Looking forward to your words in 2019. Happy New Year.

    1. I loved reading Veere again! Fastest blog post ever written by me – thanks to you! Here’s to a happy 2019 to you too and more power to the written word. Thank you for all your support in my writing journey

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