Birthday Pawty Chronicles

Remember Flash? No, I’m not talking about the television series based on the superhero who moves at lightning speed! I’m talking about my own superhero who indeed moves at lightning speed! Our dog Flash and his sibling Storm turned 1 year old this month. And of course, we celebrated with doggie treats and mini-cupcakes!

The lengths we went through to find Flash after he was stolen from our property as a puppy made the celebration a lot more emotional for me. If you haven’t read that story, here it is.

Finding Flash

In the past year, Flash has certainly lived up to his name. He jumps over gates and onto walls and runs through our yard, creating his own thunderous applause. He is the life and soul of our home. While Storm and mum Misty are happy to spend time in a spacious area that’s not visible from the outside of our property, Flash takes great delight in showing us who is the boss and getting out of there.  We are so accustomed to it that we now do a countdown for him! Yes, we really can’t hold him down. There are of course no chains used on any of our dogs – and Flash even breaks free of his collar!

Am I afraid that he could get stolen again? Never! Even if he happens to run out of the yard, Flash is back in minutes. You see, his main priority is us. And he knows how much we value and love him. How could he not – with moments like these!

Undoubtedly, the greatest joy is watching my son bond and play with them. It also gives him a sense of responsibility, knowing that he always needs to check that they have enough water and that they are eating well.

For Storm, it’s been an interesting journey. She was clearly traumatised after Flash was stolen… always scared and apprehensive. Now she is bolder and enjoys playful fighting sessions with Flash and Misty.

Our days are never dull or quiet. There’s lots of barking. And yes, our yard is often a mess. We have to clean up after them on a daily basis. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We went through the process of spaying and neuturing too which is of course best for them.

And that’s just it… Most pet owners try their utmost best to safeguard their pets from criminal elements and provide them with happy homes. It makes the rising incidence of dogs being stolen more devastating. What’s worse is that certain breeds are specifically being targeted for dog fighting. It gives me the chills.

Thankfully, animal rights organisations are working closely to deal with this heinous crime. One such organisation that I have had the pleasure of speaking to and working with on air at Lotus FM is the Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment Centre – PACT. They are so passionate and go to extraordinary lengths to save animals who are abused, abandoned or in need of any help. All this with funds that are donated as they are an ngo. You can check out their Facebook page. And, if you are in Durban – you can take it a step futher by attending their 7th birthday PAWTY!

I can think of no better way to see love in action this Sunday!


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    1. It’s terrifying just thinking about it. When some dogs are rescued it’s awful to see what they have been subjected to… I really hope authorities and animal activists get to the bottom of this and put an end to it.

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