Positive Vibes Only

It’s that time of the year when people tend to get philosophical. Okay, maybe this year, there’s a bit more of that. It’s not just the end of another year; it’s the end of a decade! The irony is that people are likely to fall into the trap of judging themselves based on how much or little they have achieved in terms of material things. And the comparison to others becomes inevitable, sadly. Why is it that we do not assess ourselves based on energy?

I’m not talking about the energy to exercise and keep fit. It’s obvious I have fallen off the bicycle on that front. Neither am I talking about the energy supply in South Africa; that seems to be on the blink all too often. My neighbourhood power supply went out at 4 yesterday morning. Six hours later it had not been restored – and this was without loadshedding. But I digress.

What energy am I speaking of then? It’s the energy that you create within and give off to the world; your aura or to use a more contemporary word – your vibe.

Positive energy is the goal. It doesn’t mean all sunshine and roses or having your head in the clouds. Rather, it’s about what I call a practical approach to life. Not everyone is going to like you or agree with you. And, that’s fine. Let’s agree to disagree, smile and move on. Not everyone is going to share your beliefs or think like you do. And, that’s fine too. Accept and expect differences. It doesn’t dilute your personal preferences. Instead it highlights your strength of character.

And standing strong is a must. Because you will encounter negative energy; some days, it will be more than others. It may seem like things are not going your way or someone you interact with is upset or poangry. How should you react? You don’t. Reacting is often knee-jerk and emotional. It’s always better to take a step back, sometimes physically, and respond with a cool head later; much later if need be.

Being kind and understanding can go a long way. You may never know why the person seems upset or angry. Perhaps they have been through something difficult in life. Let them be. You cannot change them, unless they are your friend and need your help. What you can change though is how you handle the situation. Do not allow negative energy to create shadows onto your positive energy. Guard your positive energy. Keep that flame within flickering amid the heavy winds around you.

Am I sounding too philosophical? Here’s a scenario in practical terms and it’s a true story.

I was driving home from work at around 6.30pm last night. The traffic light turned green and just then the motorist in front of me signalled to the fruit vendor on the road. I see him jump up excitedly with the packets of litchis. I thought to myself- the driver probably had a long day at work, while many others are on holiday, and just wanted to get home and share in the festive feeling with loved ones over a bunch litchis. So I didn’t hoot or roll my window down and yell. I waited a few seconds for the road to be clear, indicated and changed my lane. He or she drove off with the litchis and I drove off with my positive energy in tact.

I’m not sharing this to gain self-praise. I did what I had to. And it made me truly happy. I sincerely hope it motivates others to respond in a similar fashion, even in tricky situations. After all…
It’s the most wonderful time
Yes the most wonderful time
Oh the most wonderful time
Of the year!
(Thanks to the lyrics of Edward Pola and George Wyle in the voice of Andy Williams)

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