A reminder in the rain

Day 19 and for the first time since the lockdown, I was forced to leave my house. It was not under the best of circumstances. I had to drive myself to the doctor as my nagging sinus infection was now keeping me up at night. Just sinus, no fever, cough or bodily pains. I mean yes, I got this meme…


Laughter aside, I had a tearful morning waiting for the doctor to call me in as they were being strict about social distancing. Thankfully, the doctor’s rooms are about 3 kilometres away from home which made it more practical for me to drive than have my husband drive me with the children in the car. No thank you. They would be safer at home.

The call came. I was already washing dishes for the 25th time that day so I washed my hands again before I could leave. Then the mask… I struggled, clearly, because my nasal passages weren’t clear. But it had to stay on.

Now the drive. I thought I would have forgotten how to drive. Yes, it seemed that long, especially for someone like me who spends a lot of time driving daily. But, there I was, out of the driveway in no time. I thought to myself – maybe the drive will be quicker with no traffic. Think again.

There was traffic. Why? There were lots of people out and about with masks on. There were even more people walking on pavements. Surely they all aren’t essential workers or out to get essential supplies. And, it’s raining. Why aren’t they heeding government’s message to stay at home and do their bit to flatten the curve?

My mask feels almost suffocating at this point. Okay, stop panicking I tell myself. Focus. It’s to the doctor and back home. I get there. My vitals are checked. The doctor prescribes antibiotics with strict instructions to follow the dosages. I would dare not default. I need to get better and stay sane during the lockdown, not drug-induced.

I drive home. And then I see him. A little boy is gleefully riding down the small embankment in his yard on a makeshift cardboard box as his tractor, with big, black toy wheels. As he picks up speed, the rain falls on his face, and even though my windows are closed, I can hear his squeals of delight. My heart smiles.

Even amid the challenges the coronavirus pandemic brings, let us find little moments that help us connect with nature, and with each other, as families, friends and fellow citizens – via social media of course. A lot of this isn’t easy on any of us as we all have different circumstances and issues to deal with. Yes, we are worried about our safety. We are worried about work, school and studying. We are worried about our financial security during and post-lockdown.

But it is also true that we are in this together. And as our President has been reminding us, together we shall overcome.

(Featured Image: from Pixabay)

3 thoughts on “A reminder in the rain

  1. Thanks Maya Bee. Constantly look forward to in my words – as it always let’s me take a moment out my day and pause, reflect and take in the pearls of wisdom or just your perceptions. Love you thank you – keep going even in this time! Get well soon

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your sentiments. It really means a lot to me as that’s exactly how I want people to feel when they read my blog. Sending you lots of love in the lockdown and beyond!

  2. Yay! Same your side B. Thanks and keep em’ coming. #StaySafe and thanks for the fun meme – get well soon

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