A tale of our times

A poem
by Maya Jagjivan Kalicharan,
with references by Charles Dickens

It was the worst of times,
It was the best of times,
This is not just a tale of two cities…
It’s a tale of many cities

The numbers don’t lie.
The deaths shake us all.
We wake abruptly from our sleep,
Fearful of the news
A new day will bring.

We look for escapism…
In books, in movies,
In cooking and baking…
We feed our families;
Grateful that we still can.

I think of those who cannot…
Who wait for a hot meal,
And yearn to say
“Please, sir,
“I want some more.”
But they do not.
They are content.

Oh! The lessons we can learn
Amid the uncertainty of our times…
So that after the storm has passed,
We can learn to live better again…

(Image: Pixabay)



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