Coloured by India

10 years ago, 33 young citizens from different parts of the world set off on a week journey together as part of the life-changing Know India Programme. Today, that group celebrates a decade of friendship and memories that will forever bind us together. We are family!
I feel blessed to have been part of this amazing programme, but more blessed that we all are in touch, sharing in life’s joys and challenges, across borders. That has to be the magic of India! I haven’t been able to gather all the pictures or give you all the crazy details – that’s still to come so watch this space.

Today, I’m sharing a radio piece I compiled for the SABC while in India about our visit to the Dhaveli village which follows the panchayat – village council – tradition. I hope it transports you to the beauty of the village as we experienced it, 10 years ago.

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