Seek the silence

Far away from the voices,
Leaving the noise in the distance,
I travel to a place of silence.
And here, I find myself.

In that silence, I am one
With my thoughts,
And an imagination
That flows unrestricted.

No distractions.
No incessant beeping of the cellphone.
Only, the birds
Celebrating my silent journey.

I reflect.
I look at myself from the outside
And try to improve from the inside.
I smile.

For no one knows me better
Than I know myself.
But in the chaos of life,
We often forget to find the silence.

Here, great ideas are born
Everyone can start anew.
There are no limits
To the expanse of silence.

Why then do many
Fear the silence?
It is a must-visit destination
That will take you to many other places.

And when you find yourself,
Back amid the noise,
You will remember                                               Those moments of silence.

And the great strength
That silence brings.

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