Radio, check. Music, play…

music – /ˈmjuːzɪk/

vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

There’s something magical about hearing a song you love playing on radio. It’s the spontaneity that makes it so special. Even in this era of a variety of technological devices and chosen playlists, a song that beams from that tiny box can uplift your mood like nothing else. It’s almost as if the universe is sending you a message through music.

We all have certain memories that we attach to certain songs. It brings out the beauty of life – of childhood, your wedding day or that amazing night out with friends.

Sometimes it brings out the tragedy of life – reminding you of loved ones who are no longer here. And in their favourites songs, you find solace.

Music has the power to heal and help you relax. For me, listening to a soothing melody is akin to a spiritual exercise. There’s a renewal of energy through positive vibrations and my souls feels rejuvenated. Music’s strongest note is that it has no boundaries. A great song can be felt and appreciated by all. I realise this in the moments when I’m driving in the mornings and hear a song blaring from a vehicle. The window is rolled down and the driver is happily humming along – unperturbed by the morning traffic. That’s magical, right?

Of course, on some days, I’m that driver!

My love affair with music has grown this year – yes, it helps that I work in radio! Radio is my forever companion. I can survive without television, but never without my radio. It’s wonderful that technology has opened up many portable options – from web streaming to wireless headphones. It means I am always tuned in!

In South Africa, radio remains the most easily accessible and cost-effective medium of information and entertainment. As a journalist, I loved travelling to rural areas and hearing an SABC radio station at the heart of people’s homes and their lives, in their home language. That’s powerful! That’s another post altogether – with some deeper introspection.

On a lighter note… With under a week to go to say goodbye to 2018, new year’s eve plans are being made – if they are not already! For many, the countdown into 2019 will undoubtedly feature music. For others, like myself, it’s a tradition to tune into my favourite radio station and count down, in sync with the DJ. And naturally – a much-loved song that everyone enjoys follows, to usher in the new year.

If 2018 hasn’t been a good year for you and you’re anxious about 2019, I want you to try tuning into the radio whenever you can and appreciate the positive impact music can have on your state of mind.

You may just hear a song that makes you believe in the magic of music again.

That happened to me, during a difficult time in my life, more than a decade ago. Because I heard this song so often on the radio, it became a symbol of hope – my symbol of hope. The lyrics in Hindi are translated in this video; they are subjective and open to interpretation. I sincerely hope that this song resonates with you…




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    1. Thanks for reading Taresh! You know how much I love this song because it’s universal and open to interpretation. Here’s to a happy 2019!

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