The South African Story


Rather than rejoice,
For there’s too many wrongs
We still need to make right.

And there are still too many
Who have fallen folly,
To that power
That corrupts absolutely.

Yes, I am awash with ambivalence,
Standing in the aftermath of the torrent.
The cries of our people
Still marginalised in democracy.

Shackles removed, but some chains are there.
A land where rape reigns
And even children are not sparred or safe,
Cannot really claim to celebrate.

Call me jaded if you must,
I prefer realist.
For the people, by the people
Hasn’t truly been realised.

There’s no rainbow
Or magic wand.
We need honesty and hard work
To fix the cracks of our foundation.

I will admit though,
There is beauty
That I can speak this truth
And not be pushed behind bars.

That’s the true power
Valiantly fought for
By principled leaders;
The heros and heroines we salute today.

We are as free
As we make our minds to be.
Opportunities wide open
Are ours to seize…

Endless choices
To live, learn
Work, play
And pray together…

This is our story to tell.
I am writing my part.
Will you join me
To write yours?

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