Celebrating burfee: in proudly South African flavours

In my books, it’s always been burfee. Be it prayers, weddings or festivals like the upcoming Diwali; they are incomplete without a bit of burfee to delight my tastebuds. And it helps that it always comes in bite-sized shapes, eliminating the dangers of a sugar overload!

Over the years, this traditional Indian sweetmeat made out of milk powder, has become familiar with South Africans across all races. Very few can resist the melt in your mouth texture. I, give in every time!

So when my dear friend told me that she was adding burfee truffles to her home-based eventing business I was very impressed. But Candice or Candy as I fondly call her, likes to be “extra”. As if burfee truffles were not fancy enough, she decided to create uniquely South African flavours of burfee. It’s the type of innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that I admire. And it speaks to our melting pot of diverse flavours this Heritage Month!


My first impressions… the presentation was beautiful with just the right amount of bling. I sat down with a glass of water for my burfee journey – South African style. I’m a lover of all things peanut so I assumed that would be my favourite flavour. But then I tasted the mint and I was mesmerised. I was transported to a light, fresh and gentle zone. Again, I thought I had found my favourite. But staying true to my nickname – Maya the bee – the honeycomb flavour turned out to be the one for me! The flavour was refreshing and the honey oozing out was just heavenly. I literally cut the truffle into four pieces so I could enjoy it over a few days!


Kudos to Candice for celebrating our heritage in a unique way. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that must be supported as we strive to create more sustainable small businesses in South Africa. And there’s enough burfee to make the journey sweeter… Happy Heritage Day South Africa!

You can get in touch with Candice here



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