The bigger; the better

Water bottle
Coffee Mug
Small container with coffee

There’s more, but let me pause and ponder for a while. No, I’m not packing for a holiday. These are just some of the items in my handbag right now. I kid you not! Those who know me can vouch for that. I’m often subjected to questions such as, “What do you carry in there?” or “Why is it so heavy?”

I recall a friend and I emptying my handbag at a restaurant a few months ago and having a good chuckle. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that my handbags reflect me and my passions – coffee, writing and radio. So, I’m always prepared for all three!

Far from having a fetish for fancy, brand-name handbags, I think of them as a functional accessory. Not that I have bought any in the last decade, mind you. Handbags make for ideal presents and bless my friends and family who so graciously gift me handbags, year after year.

I must confess, I have accumulated a small cupboard of handbags of all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics. There’s the everyday go-to ones; bigger is definitely better. I feel safe with a bigger bag because I know everything I will need in the event of an emergency or outfit malfunction is there. But I hear you, it’s not practical to carry a big handbag everywhere. That’s why there’s always a smaller handbag stashed in my car too, especially if I am meeting friends after work. Sling bags work beautifully for this. And when I’m dressed in Eastern garments then it’s time to bring out the blingy bags – with a splash of colour.

The down side of changing bags though is I always forget something in them. More often than not, it’s a pen. Typical me.

Often, the process of changing and cleaning bags takes me on an adventure. I love finding old movie tickets or some scribbled notes – yes I still do that! And what about rubber bands and coins for the car guard? You know those ones you knew were in there but could never find?! As I go through these items, I remember the people I was with at the time and the memories we shared. Of course, they bring a smile to my face.

But I sometimes I frown at myself; when I find old sweets, till slips, and the worst – dirty tissues. Germ alert! Yes, handbags can be health hazards too. Consider this … how many surfaces does your handbag move to and from in one day? Clearly, we need to sanitise our handbags in the same way we sanitise our hands. Perhaps, it should be a weekly ritual?

Oh well, let me get to it then, and let’s share the journey…. Here’s pictures of my handbag and some contents… Ladies, I would love to see yours! Gents, I know the manbag is a big deal so you can share yours too!


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