Poem to Myself

Are you busy?
Aren’t you always?!
Too busy to breathe,
I hear you say.
Please pause there.

What about the moments
That take your breath away?
Do you savour those?

Like the feeling of the
Sun on your back?
Or the warmth you feel within;
Looking at your partner, friend or child smile?

What about the birds chirping?
Or the sound of crashing waves?
Have you forgotten?

Too busy chasing those tasks,
Social events,
I hear you say.
There’s just no time.

We always aim for more,
Don’t we?
That’s the way of the world,
And we get carried away
In the whirlwind.

More isn’t always
Better or

Can be

It’s about how you
Choose to shape your world;
More or less.

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