She can dance

Hues of pink
Colour the afternoon sky.
Oh! What a pretty sight!
As pretty as
The dreams she weaved.

She saw herself
Waltzing under the starlit sky,
Matching his every step.
Side by side,
Hand in hand.

But then as night turned to day
And the sun did rise,
She realised
How far removed from reality
Dreams can be.

The sun’s rays
Warmed her face,
A reminder of that
Fiery first slap,
Followed by the beatings.

Chants of
Wathint’ abafazi, wathinti’ imbokodo
Run through her mind.
She wants to be that rock,
But her heart is shattered.

She hides
Behind closed doors,
Cowering at her knees,
Crying, but not loud enough.
No one hears her.

It’s afternoon again.
The sun is intense today.
It colours the sky,
Like the bruises on her body.

The sun sets.
The sky bleeds,
Like the trickle
Flowing from the side of her mouth
After his fist struck her face.

That is the final blow.
On tiptoe,
She packs her bags
In the dark of the night,
While he sleeps.

She walks out
Under the starlit sky,
Oh! What a majestic sight!
She dances with the moon.

A breeze wafts through the night air,
And the leaves whisper,
She is free.
Let the world see,
The woman she was meant to be…

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