Caring in the time of coronavirus and beyond…

Pro-caffeinating. That’s what I have been doing. It’s not a bad thing, right? I have been maintaining my social distance, except to go to work amid coronavirus regulations. During such times, a pick-me-up is much-needed, make that pick-me-ups. So for me; it’s coffee, reading, listening to music and what I am finally doing now, writing.

I will admit; the gravity of the global turbulent times we find ourselves in and more so the climbing number of coronavirus cases here at home, have been weighing heavily on my mind.

It has re-affirmed my long-held belief that we are all more connected than we think we are: you, me and the entire human race, to quote from my favourite Michael Jackson song which is now going viral again. And by virtue of our human connection, we are equally vulnerable to coronavirus. In recent weeks, we have witnessed first-hand how the differences we create based on borders, nationalities, race, gender, age and even wealth status, have fallen away.

But being vulnerable also makes people easy prey. Enter the charlatans, conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed experts… this is their playing ground and no opportunity is lost. Worse now, is that anyone with social media becomes a dissimenator of “news” – most of the time it’s fake news and creates more panic. It’s what led to the stockpiling disaster and stores having to put restrictions in place. Once again, an indication of how inconsiderate and selfish the human race can be; wiping out shelves, without thinking about others.

Can people stop with these forwarded messages please?! Unless it comes from a credible news organisation, do not forward and do not believe it. By falling into that trap, you are also taking away from the sterling work journalists are doing to keep the public accurately informed and aware.

Is the situation going to get worse before it gets better in South Africa? How much longer will this last? Can we really flatten the curve? The answers lie in individuals actions and collective responsibility – meaning each person needs to realise the impact of their actions on others. So social distancing and sanistising according to the World Health Organisation and our own Department of Heath guidelines are critical. But that’s where I am afraid many South Africans aren’t taking it seriously enough.

At this point I feel like I am rambling on. The truth is that I need to vent. Because I started writing my post when we had just 7 confirmed cases and we now have 240 and climbing. We all should be very concerned. It cannot be life as usual.

But I also believe that eventually, this shall pass. And that too will be a test of human behaviour. Will we go back to our old habits and risk the spread of another virus? Will we go back to the us and them mentality? Will we take life for granted and focus on the superficial?

This is real. It’s time for us to get real. Being nonchalant or negligent is not an option.

2 thoughts on “Caring in the time of coronavirus and beyond…

  1. Beautifully said Maya. People need not be ignorant to the red flags that mother Earth raises. People need to know that Covod 19 knows no colour, status, age or nationality. If we should learn anything from this, it’s humanity. To think of the next and with our heart’s opposed to be selfish and self absorbed. Sometimes God has ways of giving humanity a wake up call.

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