Starting over…

I strongly believe in creating your own destiny. Everyone is entitled to make choices for their happiness and progress in life. Progress does not equate to financial wealth in my books, though many in today’s world may deem that to be the case. Progress, for me, is doing something different; it’s challenging yourself out of your comfort zone; making mistakes; learning from them and gaining a new skills set.

I also believe that some things are destined to be… that eventually, even if you are uncertain, the universe will conspire to set things the way they ought to be.

My journey in the past two years has been a combination of these elements. Over the past few days, I have been reminded of this, as precious memories have been cropping up on my Facebook page. Two years ago, I joined the Lotus FM programming team as producer of the evening talk show – Walk the Talk.

Just nine months prior to that I had left a full time position which I held for 10 years at SABC news. Now, I would be re-joining as a freelancer. Isn’t that a step backward? That thought never crossed my mind. In fact, getting back into broadcasting so quickly wasn’t something I had thought about. It just happened. And when it did, I knew it was an opportunity I had to seize, more so because I would be working with the legendary Alan Khan. You can read more about that here…

The dynamics of being a journalist and radio content producer are different. But undoubtedly, my experience as a journalist has helped tremendously. And, once again, I was swept off my feet by my first love, radio. Working with Alan Khan was a whirlwind and a waltz, all in one. It was beautiful and busy. I was involved in content and technical production as well as social media. Occassionally I would present the show in his absence. He brought such an edge to his work that I learnt so much without it feeling like learning. Alan is humble and humorous and working alongside him was truly a privilege. Alan hangs up his microphone today after 30 years in broadcasting. Please be sure to tune in tonight, 7 to 8pm, 87.7 to 106.8 FM, as we bid farewell to this broadcaster par excellence.


I remember that Alan was very supportive a year ago, when I made the move from producer of Walk the Talk to producer of The Official Drive – the afternoon drive time show on Lotus FM with Lloyd Paul as the anchor and Feroz Shaik on sport. It’s been a rollercoaster ride that’s still running and gaining momentum. You can have a look at this video which features some of our highlights of 2019…

Here, my skills have been tested – and I had to learn how to change my gears very quickly! As a team, we are always trying innovative things to keep listeners interested and interacting with us. It’s hard work and fun! A few weeks ago, as I met with my colleagues, I thanked them for their faith in me and their support because I have grown immensely professionally. I guess when you are caught up doing things – from major outside broadcasts to the nitty gritty admin – you do not realise it then, but upon reflection, it’s a revelation that you now have the ability and skills to pull it off. It makes my initial move, two years ago, worthwhile.

So, starting over is not a bad thing after all, isn’t it? It can also be a blessing. It’s a blessing I am grateful for.

2 thoughts on “Starting over…

  1. Spot on Maya. It’s a scary thought leaving the familiar, and if you don’t have an open mind you will not be open to the teachings that a “downgrade” can bring. I felt the same way last year, roughly around the same time actually, when I left the familiar and now on a journey I could never have predicted. Good luck to you on your continued growth, and good luck to Alan as he enters a new phase in his life. All in the name of growth.

    1. Arthi! You have walked this journey and I’m so glad that you share my sentiments. Go forth and conquer my friend!

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