Pregnancy. No Copy and “Paste”

My biggest fear about being pregnant the second time was that it would not be as easy as the first time. I was correct. Boy oh boy! Perhaps the most apt phrase for a mother of boys! Don’t get me wrong. Pregnancy is undoubtedly a blessing. It’s a life-changing experience and your body goes through so much, as do your emotions. Cue the tears, swollen feet but also that amazing pregnancy glow! I miss the latter – thankful for the pictures to help me remember.

During my second pregnancy – all smiles!

My little one turned a year old this month and it finally gave me the opportunity to let it all sink in. Still feels surreal. You can read about my birth experience here

“… a work of heart”

During my first pregnancy I remember reading a lot and trying to absorb as much as I could. I had awful morning sickness. It helped that I started work at 5am. I could throw up and get on with my day. I lost a lot of weight, and then even more as I breastfed for two years.

8 years later, I relied more on my instinct. The morning sickness was not as bad. I lost weight and then put it back on; still trying to lose it! Breastfeeding lasted just two months!

You get what I mean? There is no copy and paste. No two pregnancies are the same. And while we can’t stop those comparisons about whether you are carrying high or low and the guessing games for a girl or boy, I guess all that matters is a healthy you and healthy baby.

One of the major positives though, I must admit, for mums today, is the wider range of products available for both baby and you.

I recently came across an amazing product online – a toothpaste designed to help mothers with the dental side effects of pregnancy. Preggy is developed by a dynamic South African entrepreneur and mother, Thanusha Govender, who is based in Johannesburg. I caught up with her for a quick chat

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a wife, a mother, a corporate executive, PhD fellow and both CEO and founder of a consumer-packaged goods company, Zendier Products.

I started my career as a chemical engineer and later pivoted to management consulting, working for Accenture in South Africa and London before transitioning into the corporate arena.

Starting my own venture while working for corporate, was born out of my own personal ethos of “Making a difference, makes a difference”.

2. How did the pregnancy toothpaste idea come about?

During my own pregnancy journey, I experienced dental challenges that didn’t exist prior to my pregnancy.

From my early childhood, I have always had healthy teeth and gums, to the point that I have never had a filling. Fast forward to my pregnancy and suddenly I had several ongoing dental challenges.

When I confided with my gynaecologist about my experience, she indicated that this is one of the most common side effects of pregnancy, and I am not alone.

Actually, research indicates that 60-75% of women suffer from oral side effects during pregnancy and this could lead to pre-term labour, mother to child bacteria transfer, to name a few consequences.

Regardless of the risk and need, the awareness amongst pregnant women is very low and has become a taboo subject among pregnant women, as they believe that their experience is an exception to the rule.

So I made it my mission to drive awareness of this health issue. I created a multifunctional luxurious toothpaste to help protect women from the dental side effects of pregnancy.

Preggy – born out of a mother’s love. Thanusha pictured here with her daughter

It is a global first in pregnancy oral health care and is infused with vitamin E unipearls and formulated with ingredients recommended by midwives, to deliver a nourishing, gentle and mildly, minty, flavour.

It helps promote healthy gums, strong enamel, fresh breath and whitening and helps reduce the onset of plaque, cavities and tooth sensitivity, holistically working to help reduce the risk of pregnancy gingivitis.


3. Is it only for during pregnancy or post-partum as well?

Both, recommended for pregnancy and early stages of motherhood. Actually, I use it because I enjoy the luxurious treatment of my teeth and gums.

Oh my heart!


4. Some of the reviews/ feedback so far?

“My teeth feels so clean”, “my breath is fresh for hours”, “my teeth are not sensitive any longer”, “my gums feels so taken care off”, and “I can’t go back”.

Now this is a proudly South African product I wish had existed when I was pregnant! While I didnt experience any major challenges, there was some sensitivity and swollen gums. I recall a family member who had to endure her teeth shifting during pregnancy!

As Thanusha says, mums do not have to suffer alone or think they are the exception. Preggy is now available on the shelves of several major retailers countrywide. And we have something special just for you, courtesy of Thanusha.

We have two packs of six toothpaste tubes to give away to two mums! The competition is being run on my Instagram account. All you have to do is

1. Like my post
2. Follow me @inmywords_maya and @_zendier_products_ on Instagram
3. Reply to my Instagram post with a picture of you smiling during your pregnancy

Competition ends on the 20th of June.

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