It’s okay to be not okay…

Mums, dads, grandparents and guardians… are you okay? I mean really, are you okay? Between the online schooling, home cleaning, cooking, those heaps of laundry AND working from home, are you okay? Maybe… it’s a rhetorical question? Or maybe you have it all together… unlike me!

I normally get things done by hit and miss. But now everything feels a mess. With a one year old, you can picture that literally. Toys and tupperwares everywhere… I mean there’s only so much you can child-proof. Hides face!

And all it takes is the sound or sight of me in the kitchen for both boys to be hungry. Even with an almost nine year age gap, they are so much alike. My husband and I had a chuckle about that last night.

Back to those dishes now…. it feels never-ending. Between the stove and the sink… my feet are sore. It’s not like I didn’t cook before lockdown. I cook every day. But everyone is hungrier than usual during the lockdown. That seems to be a new normal… if any of this can even be called normal.

I know you’re probably shouting “paper plates!” right now. Tried that. It lasted all of two weeks and then we forgot to buy paper plates again.

My back hurts too. And that’s possibly from sitting incorrectly while at my PC or working too much from my cellphone, like I am right now! Can you blame me? It’s cold and I’m in my hooded gown under the blanket, as the rain gently falls outside Yes, I live in Durban. It’s not as cold as the rest of KZN or Gauteng or the Western Cape. But you know us Durban people….

Jokes aside, I admit, I’m not dealing with this lockdown during winter very well. But I do not for one minute dispute the need for a lockdown to flatten the coronavirus curve and save lives.

I’ve realised that it’s okay to be not okay. I’ve realised that we can’t always have things perfectly in place the way we want to – certainly not during a global pandemic.
I’ve realised that we need to stress less and focus on the moments that make life more meaningful. That means on some days, I can fall asleep when the boys are asleep. Or I can relax with a cup of tea. Yes, I’m on tea now. The decaffeinated cappuccino wasn’t working out and I haven’t had coffee since April – which is a major development for a coffee addict. I have considered that it could be a post-traumatic effect of the lockdown.

Only time will tell….

But it’s okay.

(Feature image: Pixabay)

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