The writing is… on the mug!

I would like to tell you that my days regularly start off with a warm, soothing cup of tea with a slice of lemon, as pictured. Sounds and looks idyllic, doesn’t it? But that’s not how most days are. In fact, my days are crazy, chaotic and now, more than ever before, I find myself chasing the clock. Some days are like a storm in a tea cup, make it a mug… bigger than a cup, for sure!

Working from home has changed our lives. Don’t get me wrong; I’m ever so grateful that I can work from the safety of my home amid the coronavirus pandemic. But, no one said it would be easy, right? It isn’t. As I type this, I almost feel out of breath out of sheer exhaustion.

Are you raising your hands with me?

The challenges and the courage of working mums in South Africa are often discussed. But, the pandemic and the lockdown, have added a different dimension. It’s one that isn’t talked about enough but one that I hope will be talked about for some time in the near future because clearly, working from home will be with us for a while.

Juggling taking care of the children, cooking, cleaning and the dishes – oh those dishes! – amid work emails, discussions and the actual work is a delicate balancing act.

Thankfully, it’s a scenario that’s not without hilarious moments – providing some laughter amid difficult days. Yesterday, I forgot that I had left the stove switched on and burnt the baked beans. That’s so unlike me!

Then, my almost 20 month old was literally banging on the door for my attention while I was live on air! I had to remind myself not to laugh and continue speaking while finding a quiet spot in the room. My 10 year old is a huge help while dad is at work but toddlers are a handful, hey, and I guess he just slipped away.

Added to this manic mix, are my three dogs. I can’t stop them from barking, so some “woof woof” inadvertently ends up with my voice on air. Sound proofing, I hear you say. Definitely something to consider with my new way of work.

I must confess… I miss being in studio. I miss the adrenaline of live radio and feeding off the energy of colleagues and guests – on and off air. But, the lesson to be learnt is that it can be done! Initially, at the beginning of the lockdown, I was sceptical about whether we could pull it off. We did. And, with great success. This video compiled at the end of 2020 warms my heart because it’s a reminder of how amid a pandemic, we took our mandate to inform, educate and entertain, to greater heights.

As producer of the show, there’s tons of work that I do behind the scenes. I have probably watched this over ten times to keep myself motivated as we begin a new year, with mixed emotions.


Like the writing on the mug – I love what I do. That makes everything worthwhile. This mug too, has a special story. It was gifted to me by radio legend Alan Khan whom I worked with for one year on Walk the Talk on Lotus FM. It was a pivotal part of my learning curve and helped re-fuel my passion for radio.

Talking about re-fuelling… Let me sip on that tea and get ready for a different day, and perhaps some different drama!

Are you working from home amid the pandemic? What are the challenges and some lighter moments? I would love to hear from you…

2 thoughts on “The writing is… on the mug!

  1. A brilliant, light piece amidst all the sad news currently.
    I share your woes with my furbabies’ voices now being on 2 conference presentations.
    I really miss the people energy & try to keep the team spirit via my team’s WhatsApp group though that spirit has no vibration.

    1. thanks for reading. Such heavy times that we are in; I thought we could do with something light-hearted and because it has become our reality. Love the disclaimer! And yes, I agree, online is just not the same. We are social beings and this is very difficult, though necessary to stay safe. Praying for better days ahead!

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