Supertubes Guesthouse, Jeffreys Bay, 2016

Drakensberg, KZN, 2017

Mtunzini, KZN, 2017

2017-07-15 16.18.18.jpg
Hazelmere Dam, Durban, 2017

I think it’s time I try,
It’s where this love affair began, after all.
But what if I have forgotten?
What if it doesn’t flow?
I know there’s no formula,
It doesn’t have to rhyme,
But I think it needs to have rhythm.
It’s like music.
Words dancing on a page,
Stringing a row of pearls together,
Just some of my favourite analogies over the years.
Anything goes.
Nothing is off limits.
Inspiration is everywhere.
Nature is my muse right now.
The intensity of the sun,
The calming effect of water,
The lush greenery.
Like a butterfly, I find wings to fly,
And words to write.
The poet in me is re-born.
I am content.
I will try again.
Will you?
(Images capture by me!)

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  1. Dear Maya,
    I have quietly sat and read all your blogs and marvel at your innate sense of capturing moments into words… I always look forward to reading your pearls… Hoping that this year I have the courage to start penning my thoughts also… You do inspire one.. Much love Danusha xxx

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