Imagined Enemies

Imagined enemies
Are nowhere greater,
Than in your own head.
That voice of doom
Telling you that you cannot,
When you know you can.
The voice that restrains you,
And keeps you in check,
When all you want to do
Is show the world your wings
And fly.
The voice that dictates to you,
To follow the path that others do,
To not deviate from the norm.
Dare not to be different, it says,
And pushes you into a shadow
Of what you are destined to be
It’s the voice of your alter ego,
Masking itself as if it’s the real you.
It traps you,
And pulls you down.
It wants you to sink.
Fight these imagined enemies.
Let your inner voice
Reason with your soul,
And take you to your life’s purpose.
You can be
Anything you want to be,
That’s the reality.
Your imagined enemies are not.
Thank you to Writers Write for the prompt to pen this poem.

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