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Home. I have always loved the feeling of home.  I recall telling my sister recently that when I sleep at the home I share with my husband and child, I sometimes feel like I’m sleeping in the home I grew up in, decades ago.  It’s that comfortable and cosy, and gives me the same sense of belonging. And it’s also because my insomnia hasn’t faded. I still wake up in the middle of the night, look out the window, and enjoy the tranquility, just as I did as child and teenager. It sometimes takes hours to fall asleep again. Sometimes, I don’t.  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s just me, and in the comfort of my home, anything goes.
For me, that’s the most important thing about a home – you should feel like you are in the space where anything is possible, and where you can be yourself. Right now, I’m typing on my laptop with a cup of coffee nearby, and my home helps me channel my energy and thoughts in a beautiful direction… maybe it’s the wooden furniture and cupboards, maybe it’s the earthy shades of paint on the walls with a pop of bright colour on the cushions or my inspirational Buddha ornaments gifted to me by friends. I can’t say for sure. It’s the little things that all add up. Make no mistake, my home is no luxury mansion. It’s a simple home filled with the love and laughter of family and friends. And, sometimes, it’s a mess with my son and his toys and sports gear!
I love my home, and you should too, no matter how big or small. Yes, even a mansion can feel empty if it has no character and does not reflect the owner’s personal style and taste. And, a small home can feel absolutely charming if it makes good use of space to highlight the owner’s identity and attitude.
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These are, as always, my personal thoughts. So, it was an absolute delight when an expert in the field shared my sentiments. Last week, I caught up with Anita Bloom, Creative Director: Lifestyle, Design & Retail Portfolio for Decorex SA, at the launch of the Durban edition of the exhibition which was hosted by the fantastic team at Olivia Jones Communications at 031 Distillery. Here’s the conversation we had…
Is Decorex only for the high-end home buyers and designers or does it also cater for those designing their dream home on a budget?
There is something for everybody. You can see trends, but you can also buy small décor items. It really is an inspirational platform for everybody. We do have a higher end design show that’s plugged onto the exhibition, but Decorex is definitely for everybody.
Please share your tips on how a home owner can tastefully decorate their living space without breaking their budget?

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You can do small things – like update your scatter cushions. Retailers are stocking just the cushion covers now so you don’t have to replace your inners, so beautiful things like that, a fresh coat of paint,  little things you can do to change a space. If you want to freshen up your room, get a new bed spread or bring in some flowers. You can even take old furniture and refurbish it, paint it… So you don’t need to have to have a large budget. You just need to get creative, and ask for advice.
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And those all experts to help with advice are under one roof at Decorex?
Yes. We carefully choose our exhibitors who are experts in a range of fields. And we do have our own blog too which people can always visit for inspiration.
There are many horror stories of contractors offering affordable prices but abandoning work midway or not delivering what was initially agreed upon. How important is it to deal with companies who have an established track record, even if it means paying more?
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Yes, there are some really scary stories out there. But if we just look at our kitchen sector – all our exhibitors are part of the Kitchen Specialists Association of South Africa – KSA. So, they are answerable to KSA for their quality and that’s what we look for in exhibitors, that we have good relations with them. Some exhibitors have been with us for 20 years. So all our exhibitors are reputable and are really delivering quality to consumers/customers.
The theme for Decorex this year is #rhythmoflife and it lends itself to a very personal interpretation. How important is it for your living space to reflect your lifestyle – rather than copying someone else’s?
So at Decorex, we like to present trends but that’s just a fun part of it. It’s imperative for us to help our visitors translate those trends into their home to create those spaces that reflect them. Because at the end of the day everybody has got different tastes so we are there to inspire. We encourage our visitors to take the bits that they like and create their own space.
Talking about trends; you mentioned at the launch that nature never goes out of fashion and bringing nature into your home is always trendy. How can people see that at Decorex this year?
We incorporate greenery wherever we can. I can’t even be in a space where there isn’t some beautiful flowers. So we really are the bringing in the #rhythmoflife – you will see examples of fresh flowers, of bright colours and bold colours and visitors can see this all come to life at Decorex! 
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Image Credit: @homelivingspace

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Hafsa Mkhize from SABC Radio News, myself, Anita Bloom from Decorex and Cara Giraudeau from Olivia Jones Communications

So, there you have it – a bit of my take on all things at home, and Anita Bloom sharing her take on how you can renovate and re-create your living space. Now, it’s your turn….
You may (or may not!) have noticed that the title to this post is incomplete. I challenge you to complete it and share what home means to you. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #rhythmoflife which is the theme for Decorex 2018.
For example: Home is the smell of freshly brewed coffee #rhythmoflife
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Commenting means you could win two tickets to Decorex Durban, courtesy of Olivia Jones Communications. I have three sets of tickets to give away – one set for my blog readers, one set for Facebook readers and one set for Twitter users. You can comment on all three platforms to increase your chances of winning those tickets. And, if you follow my blog, you gain an extra entry.
The giveaway ends on the 28th of February at 7pm. Winners will be revealed on the 1st of March 2018. Please note, tickets are not transferable. If you enter and win, you have to attend, or the tickets will be forfeited.
So, get thinking and typing, and I will see you at Decorex!
(For more information, visit http://www.reedexpoafrica.co.za/decorex/decorex-durban-2018/)

17 thoughts on “Home is…

  1. Enjoyed reading this post and it echoes the thoughts in my head that are telling me that I need to work on adding some personal touches to my home…have all these lovely ideas and need to see it come alive soon 🙂 thanks for the inspiration

  2. Home is..where I can take my bra out and slip straight into my pjs no matter what time of the day it is #rythmoflife

  3. A blog that resonates deep into one’s inner self, despite it focussing on Decorex.
    Home is where your loved ones are with you, creating memories upon memories, just like blocks cemented together to create a strong safe-place that you always carry with you #rhythmoflife

  4. Home is the smell & sight of laundry, a sink full of dishes, home is a place where alarm clocks don’t work on weekends when you own a 4 year old. Considering the friends I have, home is where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages in large quantities and laugh at silly things, learn how to fry samosas and puri as well as enjoy cheese on crackers with the biggest bottle of wine. For me home is in my heart #rhythmoflife

  5. Home is where love is unconditional, where memories are created, where friends and family always belong and it’s where my story begins. The magic thing about home is not where I live but where I am understood and accepted. Home is where my animals are. Most importantly home is where I am my true self. #rhythmoflife

  6. Home is a jumble of memories that evokes both smiles and bittersweet feelings.
    My home isn’t about high end fashion or expensive antiques. It’s all about comfort and having that “lived in” feeling with an immediate sense of welcome. It’s curling up on my favourite couch ready to lose myself between the pages of an alternate universe. My absolute favourite part of my home is my bookshelf and I am of the opinion that every home should have one. It’s the books you go back to for inspiration or your great gran’s priceless recipes or even your favourite childhood book that passes on to each generation. It doesn’t need to be aesthetic or practical- it needs to speak to you.
    My daily routine is coming home from work and vacuuming my dogs fur off the furniture and I don’t mind. I firmly believe that furkids are family. Most people would disagree and say pets should be kept outside and boundaries reinforced to separate them from the house. That’s just it though- “house”. Boundaries between families does not make a “home”, it remains just a “house”.
    I love when my siblings visit. We spend hours around the dining room table catching up on all that was and all that will be. Laughter ringing out until the early morning hours, sharing a pot of coffee and indulging in fresh homemade soji cake. Such special memories in the most simplest of things!
    After a long week, what better way to refuel your energy than having your feet up, relaxing in the porch which overlooks our vibrant and multicolored garden? Light up some citronella candles to keep away those pesky mosquitoes, turn off the cellphone and indulge in mom’s favourite ice cream.
    That’s my home- all wrapped up in a myriad of tastes and individuality reflecting my diverse and ever growing family.
    Home is…Us. #rhythmoflife

  7. …And here are the winners of the Decorex Durban ticket giveaway…
    Congratulations to Arankumar Dhanesar – Facebook winner, Seshnie Govender – Twitter winner and Suvarna Parbhoo Mohan – who entered on all three platforms and is following my blog mayajag.wordpress.com which gave her multiple entries. I will be in touch with ticket details!
    Thanks to everyone who entered. Winners or not, always be inspired to make your living space a reflection of you! #decorexdbn2018 #rhythmoflife

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