Living inside my mind

Sometimes flickers of hope,
Sometimes a majestic rainbow of hope,
With different hues to colour my mind.
But, always, it is hope.
Without hope, there is no ambition.
The status quo shall remain.
Hope challenges me.
Hope pushes me.
I work hard in hope.
I love truly in hope.
I live passionately in hope.
I cannot live without hope,
The world cannot live without hope.
Hope is the foundation of visions, goals, strategies,
For every person, for every family,
For every community, for every country.
Hope is where it all begins.
We do not just hope,
We turn hope into reality.
Hope is butterflies,
Butterflies of a groom and bride
As they walk down the aisle.
Hope is expectation,
Eyes filled with expectation
As a child takes their first step.
Hope is anticipation,
The anticipation of a family holding the keys
To their new home.
Hope is excitement,
A young graduate jumping in excitement
After securing their dream job.
I see hope everywhere.
Hope is living inside my mind.
Look inside your mind,
I hope you find hope too.
Thank you to Writers Write for today’s  daily prompt.

4 thoughts on “Living inside my mind

  1. Sitting here thinking- “oh my gosh, she is living her dream and living it, why am I where I am and not doing what I love?” That’s how good this piece is Maya!

  2. Maya!! This reminds me of a quote from Desmond Tutu that “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” This is exactly what your poem has done, it has evoked feelings of aspiration and planning and i wish u maintain this and keep on writing such inspirational poetry…

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