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There will always be winds of change blowing. It’s how we respond to them, or not, that matters. I embraced the changes that were sweeping through my life after hanging up my headphones at the SABC.
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My giant leap of faith in 2017
Since then, it has been rewarding, but not all easy and smooth sailing. Lecturing requires hard work and dedication, as does any job. Wife and mummy duties – ranging from cooking to homework and extra-curricular activities – require that too, and more, as any mother would tell you!  It’s been 9 months, and no, I’m not pregnant even though many thought that was my plan! But, it sure has been a whirlwind of emotions and of discovering myself. I still don’t feel like the winds have settled. I feel like I’m in a constant state of flux. But it’s a good feeling. It means I can respond to whatever life throws at me better.
So, when I was interviewed and then selected to be the producer of Walk the Talk on Lotus FM, I seized the opportunity. In fact, I immersed myself in it, so much so,  that it’s taken me a month to write this. And while we are on the topic of writing, let me emphasise; I will never stop writing. In fact, I cannot stop writing. It remains my way to make sense of the world. Some posts may be delayed, and I may not write as often as I would like to, but rest assured, (I think I’m assuring myself more than you!) I will write.
What does being a producer entail? And what do you do for that one hour? How much work can it possibly be? These I just some of the many questions that have been thrown at me.
It’s work, believe me. And it’s also very different from what I was doing previously at the SABC and Lotus FM. This isn’t news, it’s programming. The entire feel and vibe is different. And I am loving it! More so, because I get to work with an amazing individual who is multi-faceted and is a legend in radio – that’s Alan Khan. In just one month, I have learnt much from watching him in studio, listening to him on air and latching onto his progressive way of thinking about how radio programming can uplift, inform and entertain audiences. Yes, I’m hooked!
I really didn’t expect to be putting my headphones back on so soon, and you know this, because I said I was going into 2018 with no expectations. Being back in radio production means the universe is telling me many things. Top of that list, is that radio is an integral part of my identity. What started off as an accidental love affair has become something so natural to me that even after months, it doesn’t feel strange to be sitting in that studio, hitting that red button to go on air and occasionally, being behind the microphone myself. I have always loved the behind-the-scenes production more than being on air, and many of my colleagues can attest to that.
That’s another beautiful part about being back. I get to see familiar faces and my family at SABC News, who have literally embraced me with warm hugs and the brightest smiles. And, I am also getting to know my colleagues at Lotus FM better. There have been words of advice, helping hands, motivation and smiles again at every turn. There have also been ardent listeners, family and friends who are happy that I’m back doing what makes me happy, this time as a freelancer. It’s an unexpected journey that I am truly enjoying!
If you’re eager to hear what happens on air, tune in to Lotus FM 87.7 to 106.8FM, Monday to Thursday, 7 to 8pm. We cover a range of topical issues and profile ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If you’re not in South Africa, you can audio stream My most memorable show this past month involved having the inaugural Nelson Mandela Debating Champions in studio. It took me back to my own days of debating at school and how that also shaped my love for journalism. Take a listen to these dynamic learners and future leaders here…

And while I’m still caught up in the euphoria of the airwaves, another life-changing moment, with my feet firmly on the ground, awaits. On Thursday, I will be part of my first graduation ceremony as a lecturer. I have been in touch with some of my students who are eager to don their graduation gown and step out into the world with a new title – a graduate. For many, it’s the culmination of not only their dreams, but their parents and families too, who against many obstacles, have worked hard to ensure that they can study and succeed.
I feel blessed to have played a small part in their journey. And, I will be cheering them on with all my heart.

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