Yes, you.
You do realise
They are watching you,
Some stare.
Others throw a cursory glance.
Either way,
They will judge you.
No matter what,
They will form opinions
About you.
Damned if you do,
Damned if you don’t.
It’s only natural,
They say.
It’s part of the human race.
Keep running,
They say.
Is this evolution?
Or is it regression?
The answer
Depends on you.
Yes, you.
Only you can define
What progress
Means to you.
You don’t always have to follow,
Or lead.
But always,
Let yourself, be you.
On your terms.
Without worrying
If it will look good on camera.
The way you want
To be loved back.
You have heard this before,
Many times.
You know this.
But amid the race,
You forget
About the important elements
In this equation of life.
Let them watch you,
As you find your way,
But don’t let them dictate.
Your path
Is yours to create.
That power is within you.
You have to be self-conscious,
Rather than be swayed,
And make it
About you.
Yes you.

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