Coloured by India – Part 2

Sharing a special poem penned for my Know India family. If you haven’t read my first post, check it out here…

Our routes were different
Our destination the same.
The land of our forefathers,
Still foreign to us.
In 3 weeks, it felt like home
And you my friends, felt like family.

We bonded on those bus rides,
Oh those long, beautiful, busy bus rides!
We shared in the joy of dancing in the rain,
Of running across the busy streets in Mumbai, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi,
Certainly mission accomplished!

From the Sun Temple to the Red Fort
From performing aarti on the banks of
The sacred Ganga River
To the opulence of the majestic Taj Mahal
Tracing Gandhiji’s footsteps
Shaking hands with President Prathiba Patil
And visiting a village overflowing with love.
Memories that remain vivid
10 years on….

Greeted with garlands,
Lovingly fed,
Enriched in mind and soul.
Days that turned into nights,
Filled with adventures and new discoveries.

Let’s relive them all
Through these pictures,
And as you smile,
Remember to shout – PANEER!

All my love
Mrs K.






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