Bowing out on the blog for 2019

Traditions. That’s what the festive season is all about – traditions that we create or re-create or follow by default. There’s a warmth that traditions bring and they add perspective to your life too.

It’s become tradition for me to look back at the year that has been on my blog and reflect on what resonated the most with you – my dear readers. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you. Know this; each time I write, I am sharing an intimate part of myself with you. And when you read, react, comment and/or share, it moves me. More so because many people had created doubts in my mind about whether people would still read a blog as opposed to a vlog or something that’s driven more by products or pictures. As a journalist, I have always been driven by words. If that’s where my passion lies, why should I change?

Thank you for accepting me as I am, and engaging with me in 2019.

Nothing has been more life-changing than the birth of my second son in May this year. So it’s no surprise that this is my top blog read for 2019. This was one of those posts that wasn’t planned or something I even contemplated writing. But, post-pregnancy, I felt so passionate and yes, emotional too, that I channelled this energy into words.

“… a work of heart”

I must admit, I’m pleasantly surprised and proud at my second most-read blog – which was in fact a speech I delivered at my temple on Women’s Day. I have always believed that places of worship should be progressive and involved in issues affecting society. And I could not be more proud to belong to the Saptah Mandir family. I was allowed to speak my mind and received an overwhelming response from men – both young and old – who were in the audience.


Completing my top-three posts was another women-centric piece. Now, this was a piece I had burning in my mind for years. I was reluctant to share my thoughts because it’s a topic that is generally spoken about in hushed tones. Writing this piece was cathartic and I had never anticipated the response I received. It was also published in the POST newspaper which gave it an extended reach.

Be your sister’s keeper

My next popular read was one of my shortest pieces. Yet, it ticked all the right boxes about what’s close to heart
… supporting a local business
… celebrating uniquely South African tastes
… and showcasing the innovation of a dear friend.

Celebrating burfee: in proudly South African flavours

Instead of going with my top five reads, I decided to go with six. The blogs that come in at five and six both speak to the anguish that most South Africans experienced this year as news emerged of violent and sexual crimes against women and children. These were the toughest for me to write.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

Personally, the rape of a six year old girl in the toilets of a restaurant shook me to the core. It also made me paranoid. Every single time I go a public toilet, I think of that innocent girl and I am overcome with deep sadness.

No, Nicholas Ninow, no.

The one blog piece that I didn’t get down to writing was on my radio journey. After working as the producer of Walk the Talk with Alan Khan on Lotus FM for a year, and gaining many valuable skills both on and off air, in April this year, I started as producer of The Official Drive, Monday to Friday, 3 to 6pm. Undoubtedly it’s been a rollercoaster ride. It has taken me out of my comfort zone – and that is always a blessing.

This video captures some of our outside broadcast moments, interviews with guests and studio fun! If you haven’t tuned in, please do so soon, and share your thoughts with me.

Do I have any blog goals for 2020? Well, my overall views and visitors are up from last year. But I have never been one to go by numbers alone. I will continue writing about what I’m passionate about and I sincerely hope you will continue reading and engaging with me.

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