Being Alone at Night

What is it to be alone?
It is to be one with yourself.
Eye to I.
How do you see yourself?
What is the night?
It is a black canvas.
How can you illuminate the night?
With passion and plans
That are birthed like stars.
Oh! How I love to be alone at night!
It is my special time to write.
Ideas float
Like wisps of cold air.
Winter is here,
But I am warm with words.
I am content.
Why then do you fear
Being alone at night?
Do not hide behind your shadow.
Smile in the silence.
Shine like the star
You are meant to be.
If not tonight,
Then tomorrow,
I dare you
To be alone at night.
Thank you to Writer’s Write for the prompt to pen this poem.

Daily Writing Prompt


2 thoughts on “Being Alone at Night

  1. I relate to this and for some reason, my creativity peaks at night. Last night I wanted to get out of bed and do something about my thoughts and ideas…alas…it was warmer in bed lol

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