It's time to get moving

Stepping out of my comfort zone has become my personal mantra for the past year. And this month, I took another big step, literally!
I have been pondering over the best way to write this post for days, being mindful not to come across as being body-image obsessed or shaming my own body.
While I love my curves, I haven’t been happy with the extra bulges. So, I’m on the “healthy” side – it’s just a nice way of saying I am carrying around extra weight. How did this happen? I guess, life happens. I got so caught up in everything else, that I gradually put on weight. It’s bad lifestyle choices – eating what’s not good for me, eating at the wrong time or not eating for hours and not being physically active as I previously was. Face it, there’s nothing “healthy”  about that.  All I’m doing is putting myself at risk of lifestyle diseases – which has reached epidemic proportions in South Africa. Have I tried to change? Oh yes! But as the saying goes, I fell off the bandwagon.
Enter biokineticist Tas Chetty, and I’m firmly on the road to  a healthier me.
I have been seeing Tas Chetty and her team for almost two weeks, and to say it’s been life-changing is an understatement. Sakeena Munga and Romaana Cassim have me working on a routine that includes cardio and high intensity work-outs. Some exercises seems so simple, but I can feel the aches and pain later. The pain is a good pain. My muscles are sore at first, but then they are more relaxed. Some exercises leave me out of breath. And every time, when I feel I cannot make it, they push me on, “Go Maya, you can do it!”
And, if I can do it, so can you. While I’m training at the superb Moses Mabhida Stadium at present, there are days when I can’t make it to the gym.
The great thing about Tas Chetty and her team is that they help you with exercises that you can do at home too. And even though I have exercise machines at home, I have always made excuses not to use them. Not anymore. I make the time to get onto that bicycle or stepper. And, we have fun! Okay, I try to muster a smile while working out.
Have I lost any weight? No
Have I lost any centimetres? Yes!
So you see, ultimately, weight loss isn’t the main goal, it’s about a healthier lifestyle – which we all should aspire to.
Since my first session with Tas, I decided to make simple changes and choices. I do not drink anything else besides water, lots of it, and black coffee. (Still can’t get rid of my coffee obsession) I have cut out bread and other carbohydrates from my diet – pizza, pasta are no-gos. Junk food is gone too. Being a vegetarian, my diet has been very poor. So Tas is helping me with that too, with a referral to a dietitian.
There are other amazing changes that have noticed too, again, not linked to weight. My skin looks brighter. As someone recently told me, my skin looks like it’s breathing. I haven’t suffered with back pain, as often as I used to. My posture feels better. I am surprised that I have achieved all this, just from moving!
All I have to do now, is keep moving.
Let’s move together! Join me on this journey as I share updates and tips, every two weeks, on the road to health and wellness.
You can find out more about Tas Chetty and her team here,
Check out a video of Tas Chetty on my Facebook profile. I’m unable to post here due to technical issues.

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  1. Amazing read Maya! So motivational that I feel like getting out of bed and doing a few squats. Keep it up!

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