Not falling into that trap again

There’s no denying it… I was psyched about my fitness journey! If you haven’t read about it yet, check it out here.

It's time to get moving

Despite my enthusiasm, I didn’t fulfil my promise of keeping you updated every two weeks. And here’s why….

On the day that I had planned to take this journey to the next level, I had a major setback. Right there, a few metres away from the gym, from the car park to the pathway to be precise, I fell.

I fell flat onto the paving with all my body weight pushing onto my right shoulder. My bag literally flew off my left shoulder. I had to gently push myself up, first to a seating position then standing. I tried to make sense of it all. I looked at my feet –  my shoelaces were tied so I did not trip. Then what happened? I think it may have been a short dizzy spell. I had taken flu meds and I hadn’t eaten as I had no appetite. It was 12 midday.

If you are inclined to laugh at the description of me falling onto the paving,  go ahead. I did too. My colleagues and I have a long-standing history of falling – perhaps it’s because our minds have a million things to think about. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you, given the fast-paced lifestyle today. I once fell while rushing up the stairs at a popular Durban stadium to cover the funeral of South African politician. I ripped my jeans in the process but kept my microphone and recording equipment in tact, thankfully.

If you’re wondering why I was at the gym if I was unwell, well, I had a meeting with the dietitian as recommended by biokenticist Tas Chetty.

I had expected that the dietitian would give me a long list of food items I could not eat. I anticipated that I would end up with an eating plan that was boring and tasteless, more so because I am vegetarian and have had a torrid history of irritable bowel syndrome which remains a red flag.

With all these reservations, meeting Jean Ernest was absolutely refreshing!


After chatting to me and making detailed observations about my lifestyle and eating patterns, she came up with a meal plan that does not force me to give up my favourites – coffee and paneer! Of course, the coffee shouldn’t be laden with sugars or creamers. This works for me as nothing says wake me up! like black coffee and I love it!


Paneer without the bread and rice is do-able and still enjoyable – and this applies to other curries too. Bye bye to pizza and pasta. But, there’s room for healthy snacks and some rusks and homemade bran muffins added to the mix.

Clearly, I’m not expected to starve. In fact, I need to eat smaller meals and eat often. That is a big challenge for me – especially because I can go without eating for more than half the day, and sometimes the entire day!


Eating well requires making conscious choice about what you put into your mouth to nourish your body. Unfortunately, after my fall, I wasn’t able to follow Jean’s advice. I was utterly disappointed. The day of the fall, I was in extreme pain and struggled to sleep at night. The next morning, I could not move my hand. My husband drove me to the physiotherapist who advised that I had suffered soft muscle and tissue damage. What followed was a week of targetted relief sessions and exercises to get my hand moving again.

A few days later we left on a family holiday to Mauritius so all exercise and healthy eating ambitions were put on ice.  The goal was to get back on track when I returned. That, was not to be as the niggling pain and discomfort was still there. It still is. But I’m done with the excuses now.

It’s time to eat correctly and get moving again. Everyone’s body is different and I accept that. But I still want to be in control of my body. Given that I juggle two jobs and full-time mummy and wife duties, I don’t have the time to go back to the gym. But I can exercise at my mini home gym. Correction, I MUST exercise, with my water bottle at hand.


Again, meal prep is challenging but I MUST ensure that what I eat will do more good than harm to my body.

So yes, I’m in it for the long haul… slowly but surely, I’m determined to get to being the healthiest version of myself!

To get in touch with Jean, visit her website

4 thoughts on “Not falling into that trap again

  1. I’m sure with your perserverence and the will to do what you think is right will assist you on your journey.

  2. Hi Maya, one step at a time. You had inspired me to get moving and I am loving the gym and Zumba. I feel great, just need a good eating plan which I am working on……hang in there….Love from Ashika

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